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Saints Mary and Joseph Chapel - Catholic Chapel at Saint John's Resort

Saints Mary and Joseph Chapel is a Roman Catholic Chapel operated by the Archdiocese of Detroit. Only Catholic marriage ceremonies conducted in compliance with Church Law are celebrated in the Chapel.

Originally dedicated in 1955 as St John Chapel, the chapel is a breathtaking wonder of old-world craftsmanship, from the wooden beams and carved stone to stunning mosaics and rich marble floors.  History lives as you look to the future, reciting your sacred vows in this treasured space.

Designed in the Umbrian tradition, the chapel features strong perpendicular lines, a warm neutral color scheme, narrow arches and Botticini marble statues. This European-style reverential space is a holy backdrop for your Catholic wedding ceremony.

For additional chapel information, call (734) 414-1104.

Photo credit: Sara Myers Photography

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