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Saint John's Resort

Plymouth, MI

the Inn at Stonecliffe
Mackinac Island, MI

Hilton Garden Inn
Laramie, wy

The Pulte Family Charitable Foundation owns three hotels and resorts, which are part of our Humanitarian Hotels initiative. 100% of the net profits from each property are used to support charitable initiatives around the globe. Additionally, as part of the Humanitarian Hotels initiative, these properties undertake programming for employees, guests, and non-profits that represent The Foundation’s mission of serving people in need.

Dignified Employment – Helping people live more fulfilling lives through living wages, and competitive benefits.

Care for Others – Aiding associates in dire straits through quality affordable housing and emergency financial relief.

Education – Changing young people’s lives with multi-year internships, apprenticeships,

and youth development programs.

Communicating Our Mission – Inspiring philanthropy via property-wide messaging and imagery.

Engaging Associates in the Mission – Helping associates find greater meaning in their work by understanding the impact of our Humanitarian Hotels.

Hunger & Thirst – Donating excess food to organizations that serve community members in need.

Refugee Resettlement – Giving refugees a true future in America through housing and employment.

Programs for People with Disabilities – Providing employment opportunities to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Game Changing Leadership – Encouraging higher community standards, such as improved employee housing on Mackinac Island, and increasing pay to a living wage.

Giving to the Community – Supporting local non-profits through affordable access to hotels and donating excess goods to mission-aligned organizations.

Some examples of our programming and activities are included below:


  • “Rescue” excess restaurant and banquet food – in 2023 we donated more than 12,200 lbs. of unused food directly to local soup kitchens, providing 28,000+ meals.

  • Help give refugees a better life in America by housing them on property, employing and training them to work at Saint John’s Resort, and offering ESL classes on property.

  • Provide jobs to ~12 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, in partnership with Gesher Human Services and The Living and Learning Enrichment Center.

  • Offer a menu of community service activities to groups that book events at Saint John’s Resort, such as mealpacking drives.

  • Partner with First Tee (a youth development organization that uses golf to teach kids critical life skills) to offer on-site programming throughout the season. 

  • Participate in high school work-study programs with local Catholic schools that have students from underprivileged populations.


  • Prioritize hiring full-time vs. seasonal employees, a critically vital imperative toward keeping the school on the island in operation since Mackinac has struggled maintaining enough of a young population to keep the school open.

  • Set a new standard for employee housing on the island by engaging in extensive renovations and new construction ensuring both our employees and those supporting other businesses live in the finest housing available.

  • Hire asylum seekers, helping ensure these individuals are safe and getting a great new start at life in America, which includes educating their children on Mackinac Island.

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  • Provide funding for six scholarships over the next two years through a Student Enrichment Fund enabling students to participate in transformative hospitality and tourism internships they otherwise could not afford. The Foundation will contribute $52,500 to the Fund as will the state of Wyoming.

  • Provide funding for a Student Excellence Fund to support a student hospitality competition. The Foundation will contribute $17,500 to the Fund as will the state of Wyoming.

  • Provide the Pulte Gateway to Hospitality Internship which offers two students customized rotational experiences that will make them more attractive candidates after they graduate. In addition to helping them find permanent employment, we’ve also added a charitable component to their internship - students will help develop a new “humanitarian” concept to be implemented at the hotel.

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